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Dr. Jane Goodall Teaches Jimmy About Roots & Shoots

The Jane Goodall Institute awarded Canyon View Elementary's Roots & Shoots students with May 2017’s Project of the Month.  Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots youth leadership program is in over one hundred countries around the world.  The award and feature was a great honor for Canyon View Elementary.

“Students at Canyon View Elementary in Irvine, CA, from kindergarten all the way up to sixth grade, decided to do something to help the plight of the monarchs by starting a pilot Roots & Shoots program with their fearless leaders Kim Konte and Michelle Toulmin. This came about as a result of the success of the Non-Toxic Irvine campaign, which outlawed the spraying of toxic pesticides in all public areas in the entire city of Irvine as of February 23, 2016. Non-Toxic Irvine was started by a few community members who were outraged when they heard that Roundup, a toxic pesticide that has already been banned in many countries, was being sprayed in all Irvine parks, fields and sports complexes. Once the ban was passed, the school districts turned their focus toward implementing organic options, with Roots & Shoots being a main contributor for this endeavor.”

We got to have fun playing in the dirt as the R&S committee planted the school gardens 1st round of seeds:

R&S 1st Video

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