Safety First   Take Responsibility   Act respectfully   Reach For Personal Best

The Canyon View Staff has adopted a school‐wide Positive Behavior Intervention & Support system to create a positive social climate and, at the same time, enhance the learning environment. As a result of our PBIS training, our school created the STAR (Safety First, Take Responsibility, Act Respectfully, and Reach for Personal Best) program for Canyon View. School‐wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) is a school‐wide positive behavior system that is focused on defined behavior expectations and positive reinforcement for all students.

  • At Canyon View, we treat each other with respect, value integrity, act responsibly and strive for a safe school for all.
  • We teach behavioral expectations to all students in all settings on campus & acknowledge appropriate behavior.
  • We provide students with positive, immediate, and frequent reinforcement for showing STAR behavior.
  • When students are caught doing the right thing Canyon View Staff will reward them with “STAR”tickets.
  • We establish a continuum of consequences for violating behavioral expectations
  • We collect ongoing behavioral data to use for decision making & develop support for students with chronic problem behavior
  • PBIS leads to a decrease in office discipline referrals & an increase in instructional time
  • Other student acknowledgement opportunities will include: Weekly recognition at our Monday Morning Meetings, Monthly STAR drawings in the classrooms, Monthly STAR cart recognition in the classroom