Child Care

Child Development Center

We Offer:

We provide a variety of innovative programming options that meet the needs of the community including:

  • Before & After School Care on Campus - What does your school age child want to do after school- hang out with their friends, play sports, do homework, make crafts, have a snack, learn something new, and have plenty of time to just be a kid? Parents, do you need a safe place where you know your child is safe, secure, and supervised? Do you also want to make sure homework gets completed and your child is making healthy snack and activity choices? Most of all, do you want a place your child is happy and engaged?
  • Kindergarten Enrichment Programming - Starting Kindergarten is a huge milestone in a child and family’s life and you want to know your child has a safe and supportive place to go after school. At CDI/CDC we believe our programs nurture healthy school habits and develop well rounded children. We foster a sense of belonging while encouraging creative expression and a healthy lifestyle. Our daily schedule includes meeting time, academy time, 30 Fit, enrichment clubs, open recreation and a nutritious snack. Individual programs structure their day to meet the needs of the children and families they serve.
  • Drop-In Care Camps (Winter, Spring & Summer) - We believe childhood and camp are about experiencing new things for the first time. Each camp provides a unique adventure where campers discover new things, explore their surroundings and marvel in the wonder of childhood. Campers also get to spread their wings, gain independence and become a leader.
  • Summer Camp - A monstrous adventure with this link:
  • Financial Assistance
  • Part Time and Full Time Schedules
  • Services also included:  Breakfast, snack & assistance with homework

Whether you are looking for full time or part time after school care at Canyon View CDC, each of the following 4 components are included:

  • Homework Academies – to support homework completion and making real world connections
  • Clubs - that are designed based on the interests of the group. Whether its soccer, pet care, community-service, fashion design or rockets, our clubs are diverse and engaging.
  • 30 Fit- 30 minutes of physical activity daily, a great start to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Open Recreation -Time to play, have fun, create, make, get dirty, get sweaty- all the greats of childhood.

Our Mission:

At Child Development Centers and Continuing Development Incorporated, it is our mission to enrich children's lives through quality, accredited child development programs and a commitment to developmentally appropriate practice.  Our programs put children at the center of an interconnected circle of families, teacher and the community.