Please find below descriptions of our District Art Program, ELD program, Reading Counts, and IRC program.

100 Mile Club

Please check out the 100 Mile Club website for information about Canyon View's 100 Mile Club.  All students are encouraged to participate. You MUST sign up and sign the waiver in order to earn your miles.

District Art Program

Click here to go directly to the website and get more info..

English Language Development

Canyon View Elementary School is fortunate enough to experience one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse populations in all of Irvine. We are proud of this diversity and welcome the unique opportunities that it allows us to incorporate into our educational program.

Canyon View ensures that diversity and multiculturalism are integrated throughout the curricular and extracurricular activities by:

  • Using textbooks and instructional materials that adequately present diversity and multicultural themes in positive ways
  • Utilizing a variety of instructional practices and auxiliary services to address the needs of diverse student populations
  • Staff members use S.D.A.I.E. strategies throughout the instructional day
  • An instructional assistant provides English language learners with English language development support to facilitate access to the core curriculum
  • English language learners are given instruction in core curriculum using sheltered English strategies
  • Using a variety of grouping practices that reflect diversity, including flexible grouping
  • Using and employing parent volunteers and instructional assistants from diverse ethnic groups and a variety of linguistic backgrounds
  • Providing extended instruction opportunities to all learning subgroups
  • Encouraging all students to participate in school multi-cultural activities
  • Identifying instructional materials that feature non-traditional role models
  • Promoting equity in leadership roles and job assignments
  • Attending district and school site staff development activities (strategies to identify/eliminate cultural, and/or linguistic bias)
  • Providing opportunities for parents and student of diverse ethnic backgrounds to share their culture and traditions within the school program
  • Establishing programs and school multicultural assemblies to support the various cultures represented within the total school population

Information Resource Center (IRC)

All students can easily access information for learning and thinking in the IRC. We encourage the development of a lifelong joy of reading and teach children to use information literacy strategies and critical thinking skills as they access information from our own collection, other sources and the Internet.

Our Program

Check Out: The IRC welcomes all children, Kindergarten through Sixth grade. It is a place to select books to read for pleasure, a place to access information for learning, and a place to be challenged and effectively use resources to solve problems. Primary students come to check out books and listen to a story during scheduled visits. Middle and Upper students have flexible access to the IRC and can come whenever they need or want materials. Books are checked out for one week and can be easily renewed. Using Destiny, our online card catalog system, our students can access our entire collection from any computer in the school. 

PTA Support: Thank you, Canyon View PTA, for your financial help! Because of you, we are able to purchase new materials and our collection continues to grow and support our extensive curriculum. Without you, we would not be able to enjoy the variety of materials we can offer our teachers and students.