Emergency Preparedness

At Canyon View, we are constantly concerned for the safety and welfare of each of our students. We hold regular drills to teach children the appropriate way to safely exit the building in the event of a fire, to “duck and cover” in the event of an earthquake, and to respond to lockdowns (both for nonemergent situations and emergency situations). The school is fully equipped with search and rescue materials, first aid supplies, food, and water. Staff are assigned emergency preparedness roles and undergo specific training as needed. Our school staff is prepared to deal with a major emergency and to provide for the physical and emotional needs of students while they are under our supervision, as well as their orderly and safe release.

Access to students, in the event of an emergency, will be carefully controlled so that we may account for every child. Students will be released ONLY to adults designated on their emergency data.

In the event of an emergency, we will attempt to contact the parent community using emergency systems linked to phones and email. To assist us in this effort, we require parents to do the following:

  • Keep your contact information (including home phone, cell phone, email, and emergency contacts) on the MyIUSD parent portal up to date.
  • In the event of an emergency, check in at the designated student‐release area to pick up /sign out students.
  • The school provides water for students.