Parking Lot Etiquette


  • Parents assume FULL responsibility and liability for the rider’s conduct and bicycle.
  • Bicycles are allowed for students in grades 3‐6 only. Bicycles must be in safe working condition.
  • All bicycles MUST be parked in the bike rack and LOCKED. Students may not share a bicycle lock—only one bicycle per lock!
  • Helmets MUST be worn by all students riding to and from school.
  • All bicycles must be walked on school grounds.
  • Children should never ride two on one bicycle.
  • Students are not to loiter in or around the bike rack area at any time.


Parents are urged to discuss safety rules and the responsibilities of good citizenship with their children in regard to walking to and from school. These points should be stressed:

  • Come directly to school from home.
  • Walk on the sidewalk and inside the crosswalks.
  • Cross streets only at the corners and crosswalks and with the crossing guard who is on duty before and afterschool. Jaywalking is a citable offense by the Irvine Police Department.


Our Valet students have been trained to assist as valet volunteers. In the parking lot before school, please pull forward and the valets will assist your child in opening the back passenger side door. This allows parents to remain in the vehicles and get in and out quickly. Please drive carefully! Thank you for your courtesy and safety with all of our students!


  • You may park on Arborwood as long as you attend to street signs. Please do not make U-turns in the middle of Arborwood.
  • Please use crosswalks when arriving to or dismissing from school.
  • You may park in the neighboring Church parking lot on Yale.
  • You may park in teh Meadowood Park parking lot.
  • Please only park in visitor spots in the school parking lot. We have 100 staff members to accommodate!
  • Coordinate with other families in the neighborhood and carpool whenever possible.
  • Have your children keep items like backpacks and instruments in the back seat instead of the trunk - it is safer and saves time.
  • Plan accordingly; if foul weather arrives, leave earlier for unforeseen variables that may arise.
  • If you live within a 10 minute walk of the school and can do so, walk your children to and from school. It is not only good for them, but good for you as well. Make it your daily exercise opportunity.