Pickup and Drop Off Procedures



The primary goals of the school’s traffic safety plan are to ensure the safety of Canyon View students and to expedite parent traffic to and from school.  To better meet these needs, the school has developed a plan, based on consultation with the staff, parents, the Irvine Police Department Liaison, and the Traffic Control Department of the City of Irvine.

1) A traffic circulation pattern through the school parking lot each morning, 2) re-designation of parent and bus drop-off/pick-up zones in the parking lot alongside the school and 3) the addition of “no parking” zones on Yale Court along the length of the school parking lot.  PLEASE REVIEW THE FOLLOWING DESCRIPTION OF OUR TRAFFIC SAFETY PLAN AND STRICTLY OBSERVE ITS REQUIREMENTS.


parking lot map
  1. NO PARKING LOT ENTRY ON ARBORWOOD.  All morning parent traffic will enter the parking lot at the Yale Court entrance only.  Traffic cones will be placed at the Arborwood entrance at 7:50am.
  2. SCHOOL ENTRY/EXIT WILL BE AT THE YALE COURT ENTRANCE.  Directional cones will be placed at the Yale Court access to establish the traffic flow pattern into and out of the parking lot.  Please strictly observe this new traffic pattern.  Please note that there is a right turn only sign at the exit of our parking lot.
  3. NO PARKING/WAITING IN CAR FOR STUDENTS IN THE RED ZONES.  No parking or waiting is permitted in the red-zones areas.  If you intend to do more than momentarily pause to drop-off or pick-up your children, you will be asked to use the school parking lot or church parking lot across the street (with approved parking flyers).  All student loading and unloading will take place in the yellow zone.  No extended parking is allowed in this yellow zone.
  4. OBSERVE STAFF AND VISITOR PARKING SPACES.  For your convenience, we have designated visitor parking spaces located near the school, inside the traffic island and along the Arborwood perimeter of the parking lot.  Additional parking is available at the church across the street.
  5. ON-GOING CHILD SAFETY CONCERNS. Please do not park on the north side of Arborwood and have your child dash across the street to school amidst the traffic.  Please do not double park in front of the school, requiring children to thread their way through two lanes of cars to get to curbside.  Please do not U-turn in front of the school to drop-off or pick-up children

Regardless of frustrations and/or inconveniences that may arise from parking guidelines and regulations, it is important to remember why they are there!  When weighing drop off/pick up and parking lot inconveniences against the safety of our children, there is no argument.  Please help make Canyon View as safe as it possibly can be -- that is why we have our staff on duty before and after school -- to maintain safety for all.